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With our EformsCreator, you can easily generate an 1099-MISC form in minutes. Form 1099-MISC is a form used to report various kind of diverse allowances such as rents, awards or prizes or payments made to attorney.

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What is 1099 MISC form?

A Form 1099-MISC is a tax form for businesses to report various payments which are not implied towards self-employment tax, including rents, awards, medical and healthcare benefits. You can use this form to report any divergent payment of at least $600 paid to an individual or any business.

A 1099 MISC Form is one of the many in the 1099 series and among those commonly used. Taxpayers receive 1099s including the Form 1099-MISC, shortly after the end of tax year and use this information to report the income that hasn’t been received. The 1099-MISC form serves as an informational reminder of how much of an independent contractor has earned from a company and which gives them an official form to attach their 1040 return in lieu of the W-2 form.

Who needs to fill out a 1099 MISC Form Online?

You must file a 1099 MISC Form quit the (IRS) Internal Revenue Service, including sending a copy to the payer, payments of at least $10 in royalties in distortion of dividends interest to another person and at least $600 for assertive rent paid, prizes, awards as well as other mentioned income payments as issued by the IRS.

When do you submit this 1099 MISC form online?

Under the circumstances you need to submit the 1099 MISC Form:

  • Has received more than $10 in royalties
  • Has received at least $600 in payment which is related to housing, services, prizes, awards and healthcare
  • Have bombarded at least $600 to an attorney
  • Have promoted consumer product directly with as sales amount of $5000
  • Amount of federal income tax which needs to be hidden as a result of backup withholding requirements

When must a 1099 Form Online be Submitted?

If you’re planning to mail your return to IRS, remember that the deadline for submitting 1099 MISC Form is Februrary 28th.

As the end of March is cutoff for filing online, so you only have until end of January to submit your copy to your proposed beneficiary.


If payments are made in Box 7, the 1099 MISC forms can be electronically filed by 31st January. So, before the payee statement deadline is on the day when the statement is mailed.