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A resignation letter is a letter that is used to inform the employer that you are quitting the company. It is a printed letter or an electronic message that formalizes your leaving your current job.

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What is a Resignation Letter?

The letter describes your departure from work, providing formal notification and proof of your termination date.

How to Write a Resignation Letter

When you resign from your work, you must do it graciously and professionally. You do not, however, need to offer a detailed explanation. The content of the Resignation Letter should be short and to the point. Important content to be included are:

Your Resignation Intention:

Give your employer ample notice, create a professional resignation letter, and be ready to move on before submitting your resignation. There should be a clear intention of resigning from the company with or without reason.

Your last day of work:

Resignation letters not only state the employee’s purpose to depart but also the final day of employment and any additional demands or specifics. This helps both the employer and employee to make changes accordingly.

An Offer to Help with the Transition:

Many resignation letters include an offer to assist with the transition, whether by finding or training a successor. Resultantly, both the employee and the employer end this employment contract with closure, respect, and amicability.

Possible Questions:

If you have any queries concerning your last salary or benefits, please address them in your letter or email.

Contact information:

Include your personal contact information so that the firm may easily reach you.

Your initials:

The Resignation letter should be properly signed under your initials. While sending a Resignation Letter through email, you can only write your initials.

Things To be avoided in Resignation Letter

When drafting a resignation letter, there are several things you should avoid including. Complaints or criticisms of the boss or coworkers are not suitable in resignation letters.

Keep it simple, stick to the facts, and refrain from complaining. It is critical to depart on a high note since you may want a reference from your workplace. It’s pointless to burn bridges when you’ve already decided to walk on.

Purpose of Writing a Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter is the professional thing to do, whether you work at a hospital or a coffee shop.

 A resignation letter notifies your manager that you are leaving the job and that someone else must be hired to replace you and take over your duties. Simply said, don’t resign until you have one.

What Is a Two Weeks’ Notice Letter?

A letter of two weeks’ notice is practically the same as a resignation letter. This letter announces your intention to resign from the firm and states that you will stay for another two weeks before departing. 

Two weeks is the customary period between when you announce your departure and your final day at work.

How does writing a Resignation letter benefit an Employee?

While having two weeks to prepare for an employee’s leave benefits your company, the departing employee benefits as well.

  • They depart in excellent standing with the firm.
  • Your employees may have compelling reasons to quit their existing roles, but it is never a good idea to burn bridges.
  • If your staff departs on good terms, they will be able to return to your organization if their circumstances alter.
  • Leaders will also most likely give strong recommendations for future jobs.
  • It keeps coworker connections intact.
  • When employees leave your firm, coworkers will almost certainly feel the effects.
  • Mutual respect is demonstrated by providing two weeks’ notice.
  • Colleagues preserve harmonious professional and personal connections by giving enough notice.