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What is a W-2 Form?

A W-2 form is a tax document that is finished by an employer and contains information that you will be required to complete your tax return. It showcases the sum of your total wages for the particular year and the sum of the amount of state, federal and other taxes that are restrained from your paycheck.

A W-2 form contains the following information:

  • Tips are included
  • Contribution towards 401(k)
  • Contribution towards a health savings account
  • The premium that your employer pays towards health coverage insurance
  • Several other numbers

Major Points:

  • Suppose you are filing the tax return for the previous calendar year. In that case, you will need a copy of the W2 forms generated by the free W2 generator, which breakdown your earnings and withholdings for a particular year.
  • Employers use W2 Forms Online to record employees’ FICA taxes.
  • IRS uses W2 Forms to keep tabs on the employee’s responsibilities.

Unleash the Power of W2 Forms Online

If you need a copy of your W2 form online, you can get it while you surf A copy of the W2 form shall be available with your employer, which you can ask to provide only if you are unable to get your W2 form online via the IRS.

Why do you need to use the W2 Forms?

Being an employer, you will need a W2 Form to inform the government about how much you have paid out and how much you have withheld from each of your employees. A W2 form showcases the employee with information about what is included in their income tax form.