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What is a W3?

The Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statement, most often referred to as the Form W3 form, is a document that is intended for use by taxpayers in the United States. It is documentation used to record and submit the W-3 forms that employers use, as well as record financial activities to the proper governmental agencies.

The Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration use the data included in these forms during the year to maintain a record of compensations such as salary, earnings, and tips.

Who is required to submit a W3 form online?

Along with any W-2s, the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration must receive, prepare, and file a W3 form online created by a W3 form maker from every employer.

If you file one or more W-2 forms for your employees, you are required to file a W3 form online as well with the help of a W3 form maker. This is because the W-3 tax form acts as a cover sheet and summary of all W-2s that are submitted.

How can I complete an IRS W3 form online?

  • You have to check the appropriate box to identify the kind of payer and the type of employer.
  • Please include the right employer identity number, as well as the employer’s name and address, the territorial ID number, the contact person’s name, and the fax number.
  • Then, include the amounts of wages, tips, and other compensation and benefits, as well as the income tax that was deducted, social security wages, social insurance tax that was withheld, Medicare wages, and tax that was withheld from social security tips.</span

In addition, there are areas in which you may input information on non-qualified programs, deferred compensation, and the amount of income tax that was withheld by the recipient of third-party sick pay.