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What is aW-9 Form?

A W9 form is a kind of document which is used in the United States for tax purposes. The sole purpose of the form is to collect the taxpayer identification number or Social security number of an individual such as independent contractors who are being paid by another person.

The W9 form includes important information like payee’s legal name, address and TIN or SSN. The entity requesting this form might be your employer, a business that contracts service, or a financial institution which makes other payments which are subject to earning reporting and tax withholding.

Why do you Need to Use W9 Form?

If you are a freelancer, your client may request you to provide a W9 form so that they can keep it in a folder and precisely report the payments they make to you. Any company which hires you as a freelancer provides you with a blank W9 tax form which you will need to complete & return it back to them. The information that is recorded on the W-9 form is used by companies to prepare 1099-MISC form at the end of the year.

When do you use the W9 Form?

You need to generate the W9 form when you’re required to report some particular type of income as a freelancer or as an independent contractor. The information recorded on a W 9 form is used by companies to prepare the 1099-MISC form at the end of the year.

What does a W9 Form Includes?

Filling a W 9 form is pretty simple process:

  • Provide your full name and social security number in Box 1
  • In box 2, provide your business name, or leave it blank. For businesses, enter the business name at the top of the form and do check the relevant boxes to identify the type of entity. The TIN should be added on part one of the form, but it must be the correct TIN. Part two requires you to approve to IRS that the information you provided is correct.

What are some Common Mistakes to Avoid?

A W 9 form is pretty straightforward process which is easy to fill. So, you should be aware of the common mistakes such as:

  • Ensuing 1099 to the employees, as they should be receiving a W-2 form if not a W 9 tax form.
  • Ensuing 1099 to corporates. Only independent contractors need to receive a 1099 form. If you have hired a corporate business for a project, then 1099 form is not valid.