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For U.S. tax reasons, an IC or freelancer can submit the requested information on the W9 Form online or the Request for Tax Id Number and Certification form. The w9 Form online requires the IC's personal details such as name, address, SSN, and more. A 1099-NEC is created from the information provided.

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The W-9 Form: What Is It?

Employers must have the W9 Form to collect information from independent contractors for tax reporting purposes. If you take the time to double-check and regularly update this Form, you may be sure that you have obtained accurate data from each individual who submitted it.

You need to check and update your W9 Form every year. An updated address or name change provided by a contractor, though, may be recorded for future use. This w9 Form and the data it contains should be kept by the company for at least a few years. You shouldn’t send a w9 Form online or w9 online pdf to the IRS. Keep in mind that if the contractor earns over $600 in a given tax year, the company is required by law to provide a Form 1099-NEC to the employee.

Who needs the W9 Form?

Contractors and freelancers don’t pay taxes. Self-employment doesn’t eliminate tax filing. Contractor taxes are more difficult than employee taxes. Employers withhold employee taxes. ICs and freelancers pay their own taxes. This guide covers the W-9.

Here’s how it works for contractors and their clients.

Your customer will want a W9 online pdf. You must provide your entire name, address, and TIN. TIN = SSN. You may use an EIN if you mention your business name. Check your information for accuracy. Submit the W-9 to your customer. Notify the IRS.

If you earn over $600 from a customer in a tax year, they utilize your W9 online pdf to generate a 1099-NEC. It’s a simple W2 form. It shows client revenue. You must set aside money for taxes and file them. It’s your obligation to check your records and request a 1099-NEC if needed. You don’t need a 1099-NEC if you earn less than $600 from a customer. Still, file your taxes.