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If you’re interested in buying a new car, you might consider applying for an auto loan. It is not that everybody understands auto loans, which includes how banks can verify income for auto loan. If your credit score is lower, your earnings are the main thing that the banks look at while considering your application […]


It is an easy task for full-time, contracted employees to deliver a proof of employment. All they need to do is ask the HR department at their firm for a copy. Self-employed might not be able to show a proof without any help. Verifying employment is crucial when applying for a personal loan. In this […]

As an employee, you can expect your employer to provide you with a W-2 tax form at the beginning of the year, which shall list down the earnings from your previous year’s employment. There might be times when you need a copy of an old W-2 form from your previous job. So, we should keep […]