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business plan

If you’re starting a business, why do you need a business plan, and what is its role? Here are five of the most compelling arguments for developing a strategy for your company. 1. To show your business commitment. To prove your dedication to the success of your business to everyone involved, employees, investors, partners, and […]

Types of Promissory note Why a Promissory Note Is So Important

Two parties sign a promissory note or letter to return a specified amount of money by a specific date. The legal promissory note template contains the amount borrowed, interest, and payback terms. The note must also identify the parties and provide default terms if the borrower fails to pay. Financial organizations use promissory note templates […]

Letters of Termination How to Write One

Employee termination is prevalent in the business world. Even though it is not always a pleasurable experience, it is frequently one that must be undertaken. If you have to terminate someone, do so professionally by using a resignation letter template and in keeping with state and federal regulations. What is a letter of termination? A […]