How To Find Your Employment History in the U.S.

Dec 21st, 2023

Getting your employment history is not challenging. If you have worked in several places, recalling it can become challenging at times. But you can get information on your employment history via government-approved agencies.

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What is Employment History?

A person’s employment history is their work history that includes their previous place of work. Generally, your new employer will require your employment history as a part of the working process.

Employers use employment history to gain insights into potential employee’s past and employment verification. This also serves as proof of a person’s experience and qualifications.

Generally, when your work history is under review, employers look for the following details:

  • The time gap between your past jobs.
  • Staying power in your past jobs.
  • Diversity in your compensation rate.

How To Find Your Employment History in the U.S.?

Grabbing your service history can be a daunting task, firstly, if you have already worked in various places. The mobility of labor also contributes to most of the people’s difficulty in building their service history.

Below are some of the ways in which you can get your hands on your employment history in the U.S.

Social Security Records: Social Security Records provide you with the most accessible venue to generate your employment history in the U.S. So, it links all of your service history together.

Social Security keeps records of your payments to social security programs for your income. You can visit the Social Security Administration’s website to download an online copy of your 7050 form.

The Social Security Administration may require a small payment before giving your records. You might be required to pay $136 for a non-certified statement and $192 for a certified statement.

Alternatively, you can use this information on the report to fill out the necessary forms. In addition to this, your state’s unemployment office also provides social security information, which you can get at zero cost.

Via Your Tax Returns: Your tax returns provide valid information about your previous employers. So, your past W-2 includes information about the name and address of your employer, including your date of employment. If your tax returns are prepared online, you can view and download them from the website.

By Contacting your Previous Employers: If you are not sure about your work history over the years, you can contact your previous employers. Essentially, the HR department of your previous workplaces can assist you with getting information about your work history.

How Do You Get Your Employment History by Checking Your Credit Report?

If you supply your work information while applying for a credit facility, your credit reports can help you find your employment history. You can get your work history via credit reports by using a reputable site to access your credit report.

After viewing your credit report, you can contact the credit report agency where you notice some diversity. Credit report agencies include:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion


Getting your employment history in the United States works well with your previous documents. You should ensure that your information across all the platforms, like Linkedin, is in symmetry.

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