Everything You need To Know About Check Stub

Jan 09th, 2024

Check stubs are a crucial part of every business- both for an employee and an employer. While you might not be sued for not providing one as a business, some state laws require you to provide one. Generally, one large-scale business partner with the payroll firms to handle the processing of check stubs for their employees.

As a small, medium-sized business, this may not be the ideal method for you. This blog will tell you everything about check stub and how you can create a paycheck stub.

Pay stubs are significant records that are useful and vital for you and your teammates. However, the laws and the standards governing pay stubs vary from nation to nation and even state to state. If you are employing internationally, this can lead to various administrative issues.

What is a Check Stub?

A check stub, commonly known as a paycheck stub, is a document that accompanies a cheque showcasing details regarding the amount you paid. Check Stubs include a stub number, employer and employee information, the amount paid, pay rate and pay period, deductions and other details.

Do You Need A Check Stub?

Check stubs are the most basic need for employees. As an employer, you owe it to your workers to provide one. Other than being required by state law, they are also required by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Between the state laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act that enforce you to provide one, check stubs are handy for the employees.

This helps them monitor your pay and track deductions and can be used for reference. This is mainly for cheques deposited directly into employees’ bank accounts. The check stub showcases precisely why the amount was deposited, and should they ever want to leave your firm somewhere else, proof of payment in the form of a check stub might be required.

What is the Purpose of a Pay Stub?

Employees are provided with precise records of their hours worked and remuneration via pay stub and check stub. This enables them to verify the accuracy of the money they have received and paid in taxes on time.

Check Stub can help prevent and settle employee and employer pay-related disagreements. Pay stubs are also vital for documentation of income while applying for loans.

Banks and real estate professionals often accept check stubs as income documentation, enabling workers to lease, buy, or even apply for a loan.

How To Create A Paycheck Stub?

To create a paycheck stub for your employees, which seems professional, you can utilize specialized payroll software. Both free tools and paid packages are available.

Once a paystub tool inserts all the required information, the software will create a paycheck stub. These pay stubs can be printed or emailed to your employees.

How Can I Determine My Year-To-Date Income From A Pay Stub?

Look at the gross wage column on an employee’s pay stub to find the year-to-date (YTD) income. Add up the year-to-date income, shown on every employee’s paystub, to determine the total YTD income for all your employees.

How Do I Get A Check Stub?

You should be able to access your employee’s pay stubs online via the payroll system if you use payroll software.

If your firm uses payroll software, you can generally obtain pay stubs through it if you are an employee. Pay stubs must be password-protected for security purposes. You can occasionally grab a paper pay stub instead.

It is crucial to remember that in some states, firms must keep their employee’s pay stubs on file for a limited amount of time.

Procedure For Check Stub

The first step is to ensure that the employees view their pay stubs per the state regulations previously mentioned. In order to generate your pay stub as completely and accurately as possible, the following items should be on them:

  • Personnel Name
  • Date and Duration of Pay
  • Working Hours
  • Gross Income
  • Net Compensation
  • Deductions like taxes wihheld
  • Information about direct deposits


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