How To Get Pay Stubs for a New Apartment?

Dec 08th, 2023

If you are looking for a new apartment to rent, you will likely be required to show proof of income to your landlord. You can demonstrate this proof of income in various ways, the most common being a paystub.

If you want to generate paystub for yourself or your employees, use eFormscreator , the user-friendly tool. In this blog, we will make you understand how to make pay stubs for apartment. Besides this, you will also learn about the options you have to prove your income before you sign a lease. Let’s get started.

Why Use Paystubs as A Proof of Income?

Landlords generally want to see that your rent shall be at most 30% of your monthly income, so they ask you for proof of your income.

Pay stubs are the most basic method that renters shall show as proof of income to the landlords, as they are the most trustworthy method. A Pay stub proves your income and showcases how much earnings you are making.

Pay stubs and other verification forms show the applicant’s full name, employer’s name, and relevant contact information. They are usually the most up-to-date form concerning income that many employed people have.

How Long Should I Keep Pay Stubs?

How To Get Pay Stubs For A New Apartment?

Most renters can access their pay stubs, so it’s a flashy way to verify your income. If you have a direct deposit, you will likely have access to your pay stub online; otherwise, you can ask HR for a copy of the same. If you want a physical copy, ensure that you only present your landlord with a copy, not the original.

Renters should expect to provide you with two months worth of pay stubs. Presenting pay stubs for this period shows the landlord how frequently you are paid and how much you make per month.

If you are a freelancer or an independent contractor, you might not have a pay stub to present to the landlord—no need to panic. Depending upon your landlord’s request, you might have other options left to show proof of your income.

Other Options for Proof Of Income

1. Bank Statements:

Self-employed people do not receive a traditional pay stub and might not receive pay at regular intervals.

Providing bank statements from at least the past two months is an excellent way to show landlords that they have a regular income. Be aware that the landlords might also request more than two months’ worth of bank statements to show proof of income and steady income.

Bank Statements give landlords an idea of the applicant’s overall financial position and help them understand if the applicant can afford the rent.

Other alternative for a self-employed individual is to provide a 1099 form. It is a tax document; it is easily verified. However, you might need to offer more than one 1099 form to prove a stable income.

How to Fill Out Form W2 Form

2. W-2 Income Forms:

W-2 forms are reliable documents that provide the applicant’s income from the previous year. However, many of the landlords prefer W-2 forms as supplemental to pay stubs.

A W-2 might only sometimes be sufficient as proof of income as they do not give an up-to-date view of the renter’s income. A renter might have changed jobs in the past year, which the W-2 would not reflect. If you submit a W-2 form, your landlord might also request recent pay stubs.

3. Letter of Employment:

A landlord might request a letter of employment to confirm your employment status.

Some companies generate generic letters to detail your length of employment and salary. You might approach your manager for a formal, more personal letter, providing that landlord with proof of your character and serving as a positive reference.

Likewise, employment letters are easily forged, so be aware that the landlords might call our employer to verify the letter. Moreover, letters of employment take longer to obtain the other forms of proof of income, as your employer may need to create a new one.

Pay Stubs For A New Apartment

Having proof of income as a renter is vital to give your landlord peace of mind that you can make your monthly rent payments on time. As a renter, you have several options for proving your income and pay stubs are the most basic and reliable form.

However, pay stubs are not enough, so it is best to have multiple methods and documents prepared. Your landlord may request a secondary method to prove your income before accepting you as a tenant, so you should stay aware of the different ways that you can show proof of income to potential landlords.

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Landlords can always ask the renter to show at least one document as a proof of income. To create a pay stub, you should use eFormscreator to save time and ensure the proper documents are ready.